all the weeds gather on the vines high on the ashes of better times broken dreams scattered on the sides how come now all the friends that you're following bond in elaborate fantasy there's nothing reasonably wrong with me come on could you spare another minute or an hour as our fortune's fading heart still racing no one driving not arriving play along all my bridges are burning down feel the pressure to mill around have a seat at the lost and found come on to all the rest of the wannabes who found a fashionable remedy count the possibilities how come when you said you could buy another round i saw you hesitating fluctuating not excited undivided play along such a mess when you're around bored with what you're saying all pervading love one-sided unrequited in this state of monotony i'll make no apology just some barstool philosophy bring the place down on top of me and pray for lobotomy with some barstool philosophy don't be scared just a little longer now but all this celebrating got me raging lost misguided ultraviolent play along take another look around cos it's here to stay now any day now from the highest authority down the paths of our enemies a sober test of ability come on i'm on the floor of the deepest sea got a friend in the melody i oughtta check on reality how come are we there or are we better off without or are we masquerading not creating uninspired auto pilot play along from a whisper to a shout but i won't take it lightly won't go quietly




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Dead Albatross Melbourne, Australia

Dead Albatross are an eclectic, electronic-rock group from Melbourne, Australia.

They've released two euphoric, psychedelic-tinged EPs "Sampler" (2012) and "Die Wunderbastards" (2014).

2015 will see the release of their new album "May Your Beard Grow Long and Your Music Be Experimental" and it's singles "Help! Help! I Need an Adult!" and "Sharks".
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