oh each day's alike throw out your line i'll keep it tight less every night when i'm awake caught in it's sway no reservations girl you said too much worn out your luck wink comes to nudge this can't beat us but it's not too late evacuate i'm not pretending bow down victim of the season found out your innocence is fleeting it's a perfect storm and its really got me reeling it's a perfect storm and i can't escape this feeling so i know it's so freak and you'll know i'm taking notes where shall we go into the night won't meet your eye i won't be naked sold each separate lie a hard act to right i'll roll the dice strange compromise now we're alone i know you know my calculations seems like truth in advertising meantime you can take it under advisement that it's a perfect storm and its got you so completely it's a perfect storm and it's coming on so sweetly hung up you can loosen up your breathing countdown you can take it while you're leaving it's a perfect storm and it's really got my number it's a perfect storm can't you hear the distant thunder hey how about today we're blown away i can't relate how fortunate yet all the while we can't survive on mother nature so distant remote act natural under the weather cold cold and polite hope that's alright hard to realise it's just real life




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Dead Albatross Melbourne, Australia

Dead Albatross are an eclectic, electronic-rock group from Melbourne, Australia.

They've released two euphoric, psychedelic-tinged EPs "Sampler" (2012) and "Die Wunderbastards" (2014).

2015 will see the release of their new album "May Your Beard Grow Long and Your Music Be Experimental" and it's singles "Help! Help! I Need an Adult!" and "Sharks".
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