stay in the lines but stray from the old style cos no one could ever confine you as much as i'd like to once in a while restless people like to be in motion watch them circling around with careful eyes regrets i have some but sins too many to mention but nowhere did say how to be kind caught in the margins between black and white restless people don't like to be a number wear their habits around like a badge of honour restless people don't like to be alone but let them follow you down they'll bleed you dry the skin of my teeth we strain for belief with nothing up my sleeve as the lights change untie your anchor rattle your cage restless people would love to believe its over forever running aground never reaching closer restless people would love to be alone now but there'd be no one around to bleed you dry




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Dead Albatross Melbourne, Australia

Dead Albatross are an eclectic, electronic-rock group from Melbourne, Australia.

They've released two euphoric, psychedelic-tinged EPs "Sampler" (2012) and "Die Wunderbastards" (2014).

2015 will see the release of their new album "May Your Beard Grow Long and Your Music Be Experimental" and it's singles "Help! Help! I Need an Adult!" and "Sharks".
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