i had a dream know what it means too many things arriving your misery my mystery too many things conspiring put down the bottle what the hell you waiting for i've got the boxes if you've got a place to store sort out your options there's no order anymore cos it's all here right now this mental state so delicate too many things relying your energy my enemy too many things colliding it's getting harder to justify the attitude wrapped in my armour always coming after you you'll change your colour not the kind to follow suit when it's all here right now too many things too many complications my memory a sad melody too many things reminding you turn the page i'll never age too many things rewinding so close the chapter it's about to take its toll you've got it backwards and no way to turn it forward chase up some action just a human after all and it's all here right now too many things too many complications




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Dead Albatross Melbourne, Australia

Dead Albatross are an eclectic, electronic-rock group from Melbourne, Australia.

They've released two euphoric, psychedelic-tinged EPs "Sampler" (2012) and "Die Wunderbastards" (2014).

2015 will see the release of their new album "May Your Beard Grow Long and Your Music Be Experimental" and it's singles "Help! Help! I Need an Adult!" and "Sharks".
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